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Invisible Rope Prank!

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Check it out and be prepared when you're driving!






This happened to me the second week I had my KR. Some kid on the side of the road in a subdivision. As I approached, doing about 30mph, he went into the "pull the rope" routine, with a big tree directly across the street from where he was standing. I had enough time to stop without hitting the brakes too hard. He fell to the ground, slapping the ground with his hands, laughing hysterically. I put the car in neutral, yanked up on the parking brake, stepped out of the car and said "Will you think its so funny when I come over there and stomp your little punk bitch ass?" The laughter went away and he said "Sorry mister, it was a joke". I then did something I never thought I'd do. I went into "father" mode and said things like "What if you make somebody swerve off the road into that tree? What if you give some little old lady a heart attack?" He sat there looking like a whipped little puppy.


As I drove off, I started laughing and thinking that of all the dumb-ass things I did as a kid, why didn't I ever think of that?

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