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Another E-Bay Shelby???

James  Hill

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I didn't notice where it claimed to be a SGT?

It looks like a hacky GT500 clone to me. :headscratch:


From the auction title:


2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT


From the auction sub-title:


2008 Shelby GT, Supersnake look alike.


Like jnj3891 I'm leaning towards it not being a SGT. Appears to be a low mileage Mustang GT that the owner went catalog shopping with.


Doesn't look bad but the crooked snakes on the fender and rear need to be repositioned.



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OK, I don't mind fixing a car up to look good but pretending it is a GT500 is just wrong (imho)....be interesting to see if anyone buys it at that price.......I'd really be embarassed taking it anywheres and Having people say.."hey, Ya know this isn't a 500 Dude......."



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Have you ever start a project thinking that by doing it yourself you will save big bucks? Then you find out that after putting your time in, having to redo the small things you did wrong, you discover you did not save very much (if any! Maybe even gone deeply into the hole!) and that the resale value is less than if you had just done it right to begin with????


Sure you have - everyone has experienced this at one time or another...


I think that seller is soon to experience this for himself and discover the reality of his situation -


You only get what you pay for buddy! :doh::hysterical:

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OK, wow, step back from the LCD screen this is coming to mind...



The milage says it all......seriously lame.



four words.... Does Not Get It.



this is totally f'd up, car is just silly. Its now worth 15k to me.

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