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New Moroso Valve Covers for 4.6L 3V

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Has anyone seen these yet?




They don't have pricing on the web page but I plan on calling them and finding out. They look really good. I've been waiting for a nice welded aluminum valve cover to come out for our motor.




thanks for the link, add some powder coating for the Shelby touch :happy feet:

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Did anyone notice the disclaimer that says that they are not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles? My guess is because there are not any PCV valve connections for them. I also didn't notice any of the openings for the VCT items...

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From Moroso site:


Includes mounting hardware, PCV and fitting


Judging by this pic, it looks like provisions were made for the VCT solenoids' electrical connections.

I have no clue why these wouldn't be smog legal, although you're right, it does mention that in the description. :headscratch:



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If these are US made I would assume they are great quality coming from Moroso, probably some labor and R&D to make.


But a stock set and a good buffing machine would yield good results IMO.



A baldor and some rouge would set ya up from Eastwood for a lot less dough and you could then be a buff master, after you have a couple of parts fly across the room and gouge a few things first...hysterical.gif


But fabricated makes ya look like a race guy, I wonder BTW if these are heavier than stock....

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