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First mods purchased


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Today I ordered from Tire Rack WedSport TC005's in sizes 18X8 and 18X10's. I also purchased Eibach's Pro Street coil over kit and a BMR panhard bar. Phew, now I have to let my credit card take a rest before I buy any thing else!!!! :banghead::ohsnap:


Eibach Pro Street Coil Overs


WedSport TC005's


Those are some of the best starter mods yet. These people pushing the HP up with no tire or suspension mods are going nowhere in a hurry. :headspin:

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Sweet! You ain't kiddin around are ya?


What's the advantage of adjustables?



The coil overs allow you to adjust the ride height of the car. I can adjust it from a 1 inch lowering to a total of 3 inchs. I'm going to go for a 1 inch drop in the front and 1.25 inch drop in the rear.

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Most excellent!


I'd like mine to be a bit lower in the rear than it is. I may look into new rear springs.


Can't wait to see it.




From what I've read, the FRPP and Eibach kits are the most aggressive in lowering height. Eibach does have their sportline springs which lower the car 1.6 inches in the front and 2.0 inches in the rear so you may want to look into those. With the more agressive drop I think you need an alignment kit though.

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