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air bag part #


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The Passenger Side Airbag with Titanium cover should be Part # 7R3Z 63044A74 AA for 2007-2009 GT500.


Note that there are 4 different part #'s depending on the cover, that's why the dealers may be messing up the part numbers on you....been there and had a similar experience.


If you only want the Titanium Cover, that's Part # 7R3Z 6304338-CA.


If you just need the airbag assembly, PM me as I have one sitting in the box on the shelf. Maybe we can come up with a mutually agreeable price. If you want it with the cover and your willing to wait, I may have one within a few weeks but can't guarantee when that will be as I am awaiting an incoming shipment....


If you decide to order from Ford, try Silver State Ford online. They will probably have a better price then your local dealer on the entire assembly or just the cover.....


Either way...Good Luck.....



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