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2010 GT500 Article In The June Issue Of Motor Trend Magazine

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Four page article on the 2010 GT500 in the June 2009 issue of Motor Trend Magazine.


From the last line of the article:


... it looks like Shelby's GT500 has earned its crown as king of the pony/musclecar hill fair-n-square.





I just downloaded the magazine and read it. Is it saying they invited Chevy and Dodge, but they didn't show? Or was it not worth any side-by-side until Chevy brings the LSA Z/28 and Fiat shoves a Ferrari 12 into the Challenger, will there be something to talk about?



Why didn't MT just crash the Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang GT party in San Diego with the GT500? The article on this comparo is on page 32 of the same June 2009 issue.

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