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Cobra 07 was spinning donuts in my lawn. Ruf owes him $100 bucks Now !!!


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The Pacific NW Meet & Greet was at my house yesterday. There was talk from Ruf egging on folks to "spin donuts" in my lawn and in fact Rufdraft made this post: "I'll give ya $100 to do some!"


Cobra 07 took the challenge and now it's time for Ruf to pay up !! :spend:




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You guys ain't right. :hysterical:



How about left?????????? :headscratch:


You should came and enjoyed our company - we have a great time - you

should have seen all the camera's come out by people along the road when

50 shelbys drove by. Must have been a petty all some sight. :shift:

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Actually Ruf said, I'll give $100 Dollar if anyone would "do" a donut on Rob's lawn, not "spin" a donut. So unless you have a video of someone actually pulling out their :censored: and "doing" a donut, Ruf is in the clear. :hysterical:



Now thats funny. :hysterical::hysterical:


However If there is a pic or video of that, I dont want to see it. Thank God for the TS terms of service.



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