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Daytona Coupe / GT40 MKII / GT40 MKIV


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I've been to the Simeone Museum already and its a trip worth going. I went with my Mustang club last summer (a day after Jay Leno stopped in, as signed by in the guest book). All of the Dr's cars are AMAZING. I could spend hours there just staring at the GT40s, the Cobra Daytona and the Aston Martin DB AR1 race car. STUNNING MACHINES!!


Best of all, Harry Hurst, who runs the museum is a wonderful person to chat with, and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Simeone at the 100 cars of Radnor Hunt back in 2004, and was invited to see his cars before he had the museum, when his cars were down in his warehouse on 7th and Lombard. Its a collection of cars that can't be missed!! If your a car nut and are in Philadelphia for the day, this is a MUST DO!

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