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Seattle area Mustang track day Aug 19th


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I would be interested in signing up for this track day.


Do we need to join the other forum to do so, or just call Brad's Custom Auto?





I wanted to invite every one to a track day we will be holding Aug 19th at Pacific Raceways.

Stangnation Hot Laps/HPDE


We currently have 24 people signed up. There are only 54 spots total. 24(new/school) 30(lapping)=54

Sign up now to reserve your spot. It should be a nice Aug day with all the lapping you can handle.

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Done, thanks for the heads up.



You can contact Brad's. If you email bradscustomauto@comcast.net They can email you the registration form & then you can call with a CC# for the deposit. Our you can mail the form with a check.
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Here is some more info for those on the fence-


The cost of this event is broken down like this:


New Driver: $482.00*

Ride along instructor and class time.

Intermediate Drivers: $359.00

Includes 50 mins with instructor and all the lapping you can handle.

Advanced Drivers: $234.00

If you have experience and don't need the class.**


The day will start with breakfast being served at 7 AM. Drivers meeting/group photo at 8 AM.


If nothing else come hang out and catch a ride in one of the FR500S

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