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In Vegas June 21-22


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Summer vacation is almost here! Wife and I will be flying to Albuquerque in June then driving over to Sedona for a week and finishing up our trip by driving into Vegas and flying out of there home. Plan to do the Shelby museum/tour/cafe thing on Monday the 22nd and catch a late flight out that night.


Would like to do some of Route 66 on the way. Some of you southwest guys, what else will we drive by (like the world's largest mud hut) on the way? Any suggestions of must-see in Sedona? My original plans were to drive around, sleep, eat, lay by the pool, repeat......but I could be persuaded to take in some landscape--IF it does not require walking farther than I can throw an empty water bottle! Is there anything to see in/around Sedona? ;)



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