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Welcome To Ford City


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Ford Motor Car Company was established in Windsor, Ontario, Canada as early as 1904 to gain the benefit of Imperial trade preferences. Up until 2 years ago Windsor, Canada had 6 Ford Plants in Windsor, 3 Metal foundry plants and 3 Engine Assembly plants.


I also work at the Fords Windsor Assembly Plant. Home of the 5.4L and the 6.8L powerplants used in the Truck division. I proudly work in the Engine Block Machining Dept. We also machine the 5.4 Condor block that supports our Shelbys. I personally have spent many hours hand inspection hundreds of Shelby 5.4 Blocks. After machining and inspection they are sent to the Niche line in Romeo for careful assembly.


My wife and I spent two days detailing the exterior of my 08 Alloy Stripe delete. Zaino was the product of choice. I would like to share some photos of my car, Fords history in Windsor, the waterfront separating Canada and the USA (Windsor and Detroit) and finally the Zaino perfection and reflection.





Zaino shine and reflection



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Have there been any changes made to the 2010 GT500 5.4 blocks? The only thing we've been told of so far is that there is a knock sensor now which I'd assume would need an attending boss or bosses added to the casting.

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Man that looks awesome naked!!! I want to take the stripes off my Alloy, BUT my wife loves them and holding strong to keep them on. I use Zaino on mine also, great system. Car looks great, so which window scoops/lower scoops are those? Nice wheels..... :drool: Is that a blacked out faux gas cap on rear? Looks sharp, did you have painted or is it billet/powdercoated black? Keep up the good work on blocks.

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Very cool dude! Thanks for checking in from north of the border! Beautiful car.....and you know.....Alloy IS THE fastest color!!!!!

What may be an interesting fact to some... when you're in Windsor, Canada you are actually South of Detroit!


Nice car and great photos!

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