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Hood blanket removal?

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Quick question: What is the best way to remove the plastic push pins holding the hood blanket? I need to temporarily remove the blanket to access the scoop rivet holes to solve a bit of hood dimpling the dealer ignored (but it bothers me of course!). I tried pulling the plastic pins but they don't easily release and I am afraid to apply too much force. Is there a specific tool or method? Thanks

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I'm sure Ford or Snap-On would be happy to sell you an expensive special tool!


I used an item from my golf bag - divot tool! Looks like a two-pronged fork, but fits nicely around underneath the head of those plastic plugs and gentle prying removed them with no damage to the blanket or hood.


(I'm out of town right now or else I'd post pics!)


We need to hook up - maybe Cars and Coffee next month at River City Market?





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