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NEW: Level II Fuel System for the S197


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Lethal Performance is proud to introduce the newest addition to our fuel system lineup.


The S197 Level II Fuel System $749.95





The new Level II Fuel System is for those looking to keep the stock lines and rails and be able to safely support the power of a supercharger or turbo. In addition the Level II system gives you the ability to easily upgrade the system later on to a 3 pump system and run aftermarket fuel lines.


Our Level II fuel system upgrade is rated at 700rwhp. It's also gives you the ability to upgrade later on to a triple pump system with very little work. The Level II fuel system simply replaces the stock fuel assembly and connects to your stock fuel line and still uses the OEM level sender so your fuel level will always be accurate.


Up until this point the only option was the GT500 fuel system. Now that the Level II system is available and has the upgrade ability option we feel that it's the better choice.


The Level II System Features:

-Fore Precision Works S197 Billet Fuel Hat (Accommodates up to 3 GT Pumps)

-Lethal Performance Dual FPDM Kit with additional FPDM

-Hat to Stock Fuel Line Adapter

-Ford GT Supercar Fuel Pumps (2)

-New Fuel Level Sending Unit

-Detailed Installation Instructions


The Fore Precision Fuel Hat is a direct replacement for your stock fuel assembly. Still utilizing the stock level sender placement. It reads fuel levels just like the stock fuel system did before. No cutting, drilling or modifying is necessary to fit the FPW hat into the tank. The Fore Precision hat fits right in and is securely fastened in the same fashion that the stock assembly does using the same stock gasket and safety ring.


The Level II Fuel Upgrade also utilizes a pair of the high performance Ford GT Supercar pumps. They simply slide into place on the Fore assembly and provide the fuel needed to support some hefty power levels and not needing the assistance of an external voltage booster to do so. The best part about this system is that it can be easily upgraded to the next level. There's several ways to upgrade so you as the customer have the choice to do what you feel is needed for your specific goals. Whether it be adding another pump or stepping up to aftermarket lines, filter or rails upgrading the system couldn't be easier.

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