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New Member In Texas


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Hey everyone, new member here to the Shelby Forum!


Had my GT500 vert for several months now and have had my 07GT since.......well 07!


I guess I've been a Shelby owner in a way since late 07 as even my GT has a GT500 motor in it! Rescued the front clip of a GT500 that had been totaled and gave the motor new life!


I'd like to add my time slip to the database but it won't seem to accept the JPG of my time slip and since it's below 10 seconds it demands proof. Any one know what I am doing wrong there?


Anyways, look forward to learning and contributing to the Shelby Forums! :D

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Not as hard as getting the thing to run 9.0's!! LOL


Honestly it was a lot easier then you would think. We had the front clip of the donor car on a thursday and the motor was transplanted and on the dyno by the following Tuesday!

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Just South of you! Live in Pearland!


Welcome to the Shelby Forum!


I'm assuming your running your cars at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown. I live in Baytown and hope to see you out there one weekend.


Your Shelbys look Great! and again welcome to the site.





2008 Vapor GT500

2006 Hertz GT-H

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Make sure you go to the "put yourself on the map" thread and add yourself. Welcome to Team Shelby.


Love to see some pics/stories about the 5.4 GT.


She's an interesting animal (the GT that is). 5.4L built motor, ported polished heads, comp stage 3 cams, ferrera valves retainers springs etc., blocks bored 20 over and fitted with custom Manley piston, oliver billet rods, 2.8H Mammoth Kenne Bell, a healthy shot of nitrous, and all that running through a THR400 automatic trans built for 1000 hp.


She'll definitely make it down the track or down the street at a pretty good clip!

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