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Kings Dominion Mustang Showcase & Family Outing

Carl Bishop

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It was great to meet you and your daughters yesterday. Man, I'm bushed, we didn't get home until 2am.... I think Joel and Kim had the right plan, spend the night!



Me too. We got in late as well (around midnight). I think the sun took a lot of energy from us. I need to bring a cooler with bottled water next time. The cokes were not helping with the dehydration.


This was the first time I had gone over 40 miles with my car and I was able to get 27 mpg running 65mph and goosing it a few times. I think this car runs better as it gets more miles under it's belt. I have about 4500 now and the exhaust note sounds better every day too. The highway mpg does not justify the gas guzzler tax IMO.

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