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Torn between my future car......

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I'm looking to buy an 03-04 SVT Cobra or 07-08 GT500, what's your opinion on both cars and which is the better one to mod? Track wise.

Without a doubt, I'd go with the GT500. The Cobras were a stout car for their day, but the aftermarket is just as big now for the Shelby as it was for the older SVT's.

Head to head, modded to the 9's, the GT500 is the better car, track or street, hands down. Good luck



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That is an Awesome article!!!! But now it's more confusing, now another option to go with a Mustang GT. Obviously money is and always will be an issue. The newer cars will have something the older model didn't and you know how the story goes. Thanks for the input guys.

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GT500 pros:


Way nicer clutch feel. You don't need legs like Carl Lewis to push it in


Much nicer shifter. Better placement, not as freakin'odd looking, shorter throw


Better seats


More recognizeable by non-Mustang fanatics


More legroom for front seat passengers


More options (NAV, HIDs, etc)


Nicer riding suspension, smoother ride


Less interior noise


Less road noise/wind noise





Terminator Pros:


MUCH lighter weight (which allows the lower powered car to nearly equal our performance)


More low-key (almost a sleeper unless you really know the visual differences)


Much cheaper prices (unfortunately, cheaper, godawful interior)





Both are awesome, but the GT500 is the clear winner.


If you can, at some point... own one of each.

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