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i just purchased 07gthcsm346 yesterday. while taking a break from enjoying it, i registered the vehicle following

the instructions in the "registry" link. i already have most of the paper work, window sticker, certificate of origin, shelby invoice, etc...

they were provided by the dealer. am i going to receive the billit dash plaque and certificate in the mail now that i registered my vehicle on this site,

or do i need to contact someone at sai to verify that i own this vehicle? thanks in advance


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Zach -


Too funny! I just e-mailed your Dad all the information about registering your GT-H. Ask him to forward my e-mail to you. I don't have your e-mail address. Basically, you need to contact Shelby Automobiles. Congrats on the GT-H :happy feet: :happy feet: You will love it. I have really been enjoying my coupe.




Edited: Removed name of former SAI employee.

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