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new SPEC clutch is in....

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I had my SPEC Stage 2 and aluminum flywheel installed today - WOW - I was surprised at the pedal feel difference from the stock clutch. It is noticeably stiffer - almost feels like ... like... well I guess like my old 71 Cuda when I put a Hays clutch in it. Pretty cool, it has more of a sports car feel to it.


This one goes from off to on in very little pedal travel, and grabs RIGHT THERE. And plenty of freeplay. Of course it's not broken in yet; I'm told that they smooth out tremendously after break-in.


I'm noticing a "rattle" at around 1200 RPM if I short shift it, I guess this is common with aluminum flywheels?


My only concern is the engagement point, it's almost right on the floor. Gonna check underneath for fluid leaks in the morning and possibly re-bleed the cylinder. BamaChips tuner should be here Thursday!!!!



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