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For those that own 2...need input


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First, I want to say that I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the collection of Mustangs that I have. I am really close to having my "dream stable" as it stands. I must admit though, I can't stop thinking about a red coupe with a 725 SS conversion. In fact, this thread and Dan's pics sort of put me over the top with this.


SS at Buttomwillow


So to have shot at doing this, I will have to:

1) find a used, low mileage coupe (for around $35-$36K)

2) sell my 2000 Cobra R (which I rarely ever drive)

3) sell my 95 GT drag car (which I race less often than I'd like to anymore)

4) save up more for the conversion costs


I would then have my "dream stable" of an 07 40th, an 07 or 08 SS and a 1970 Mach 1. Any advice or input would be appreciated!

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I think you should stay with what you have. If you go the 08 SS route in the end all you really have is two Shelby's. I think you have a good display of what has gone on with the Mustang over the past few years. but with that said... how much for the '00 R?

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I agree with your point, but to be honest, living in Texas, with no AC, no other creature comforts and the fact that it is pretty much a factory race car, the '00R is not much fun to drive around town...and the end of the day, I want to drive my cars. When it comes to driving them, having a vert AND having a 725HP car...well, I don't think it gets much better than that. And on those "cooler" days, I will take the 70 mach out (also no AC and only an AM radio, but so cool to cruise in).


I don't want to get into the whole investment thing, because rarely are cars a good investment. BUT, I do think there are some cars that lose less money than others and occasionally those that appreciate under the right circumstances. I think the 00R is one of those cars that will be worth something down the road. I am not sure if my 40th or an SS will be worth much, but I do think they will depreciate slightly less than most vehicles.


I plan on selling the 00R for somewhere around $30K, which is pretty cheap as far as the cars go.

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I'm not in the exact same boat as you, but I totally understand your dilemma.


I get emotionally attached to my cars... point being I have a '91 Mustang GT that I've owned since new and I love that car. So many memories.


I also have an '06 Mustang GT that I've pretty much modded from the ground up... wheels, brakes, suspension, supercharger, Saleen Hood, etc.


And then my "new" 07 GT500.


I've been trying to decide which car I will sell... but I just don't know. I have more history with my '91 (it was my first Mustang) and money-wise I'd get more for my '06... but at the same time the '06 is a BLAST to drive.


So I'm with ya.... from what I read it seems like you would drive your SS and you don't drive your Cobra-R. So, to me, I would go with the SS if you REALLY want to do it. But if you have an attachment to your Cobra-R then I don't know :)

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You have a very respectable stable that anyone would be lucky to own. If I were the fortunate owner, I would hate to split it up. But again, an 08 GT500SS 725HP would be a perfect addition to your collection. Try spending more seat time in your Cobra R. That may help you decide.


Best of luck.


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