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I called Tuesday for a build sheet for my car. The person took my info about my car and verified my address.


Asked me what I wanted. I asked for a build sheet and whatever else they could give me. She took a list of things I wanted.


This morning I recieved a :call: back from them. They are sending me several items, including a build sheet, info on how many '09 red stripe cars were built, and a window sticker for my car.


That is top notch customer service!!! :salute:


I sure like writing compliments better than complaints.

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I called today for my build sheet and had a similar experience. The person who helped me was friendly, very knowledgeable, and well spoken. Her computer was running slow, and while she was waiting for it to verify my VIN and other info, she made small talk about today being the 45th anniversary of the Mustang, checked for any outstanding recall notices against my car (I still need to get the airbag recall done), and from the background noise on my end of the phone even knew I was sitting in a machine shop with large milling machines.


She told me I would get a call back from the "Research Group" within two working days to double check everything again before they set me the info. She put extra notes on my request asking that they supply any additional info they could pertaining to my car.


I was VERY impressed!

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