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New GT-H Member CSM#07H148

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Hey guys! Just picked up my Shelby GT-H vert CSM# 07H148 last Tuesday night. Did any of you get floor mats, owners manuals, etc with yours? I just would like to get any info and documentation with this car as I possibly can. Also does anyone know if these Shelby GT-H are covered by the Ford factory warranty? Thanks for any help and I look forward to replys.

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not4rent, Welcome to the Team Shelby Forums.


Yes your GT-H should have come with standard black Mustang floor mats. You should also have the standard Mustang owners manual kit in the glove box.


And yes you are correct. Your GT-H is covered by the factory Ford 3/36 warranty.


You should also register your GT-H with the Shelby Automobiles Registry. If no one has registered 07H148 previously Shelby Automobiles will have some stuff for you including the permanent dash plaque.


Contact Cynthia Robinson at: CynthiaR@shelbyautos.com


to see if your GT-H has been previously registered.



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