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hood rod fix?

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Has anyone figured out a fix/improvement on the hood rod with the new hood? It looks like the end of the rod need reformed. It scraps the hood and does not have good engagement with the hood hole when supporting the hood. I noticed the tape in this photo of the rod and hood in a recent posted photo:




What's everyone doing? And what about the hydraulic lifts like I had on my GT500? Shelby took them off during SS conversion and said they won't work. Are there different ones available?


Everytime I open the hood, I feel like one slight bump and its coming down on me!

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I haven't had a chance to call QuickLIFT yet, but have you used one of their systems on the fiberglass Super Snake hood, or just the stock GT500 hood? If you are using on a SS hood, which model do you have and any specifics you can share?


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