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2010 with Assec pack 5

Michael Morris

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This car just came off the truck. Has some neat stuff


Hood scoop

Vents on windows

Grill across the back


Different rear spoiler




Sorry about quality. Its raining and its sitting inside!


Michael very nice--have you gotten the 500Gt yet.Is te back the same--bob








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Black out panel and rear pedestal spoiler screw up an already messed up rear end. Not a big fan of side window louvers, but they aren't horrible. Side scoops are kinda nice (for catching bugs at speed) - learned that from my '03 Mach1. The hood scoop ruins that beautiful power dome hood - one of my favorite features of the 2010. The red leather is nice -even on the steering wheel (reminds me of the red on red '88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe I used to own).


I order all of our store's Mustangs, and I haven't ordered a single 2010 with the accessories packages. I prefer blank canvasses so that customers can decide what they want added to their new toys.

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As it goes with every generation of Mustangs- some are better than others. I think we were all spoiled with the 2005-2009 models.


It's definitely not bad looking, but there are some similarities to the new Dodge Challenger- especially the quarter panels.


Makes me want to keep mine (my wife will be pleased).

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Thanks MM for posting the pics.

I definately prefer the 05-09 style.

Too much flat grey plastic on the rear.

The front end almost looks like a vette.

Too much red, steering wheel, seats, doors.

Get rid of the white stripe on the seats.

Other than that it looks o.k. :hysterical:


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Well, I priced out a new GT, with all the toys. $38K!


That's only $2K less than my SGT and I have all the toys we could get including Nav.


Has the price increased that much overall?




My MSRP on the '07 was $27k. WTF?

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