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Follow a '68 GT500KR as it drives Cross-country


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SAAC member Mike Herman is driving his beautifully restored 68 GT500KR from San Diego CA to Birmingham AL in the Mustangs Across America event.




The full event kicked off this a.m. (Sat., 4/11/2009) with a drivers meeting at Shelby HQ in Las Vegas.




...and the participants are now underway.


We are tracking Mike real-time, and posting text updates and pictures as he travels the route to the MCA Nationals, the finish, on Wed., 4/15/2009.


Follow his adventure on this thread on SAAC Forum.


Mike Herman-Cross-country in his 68 GT500KR

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Pretty fun watching from home the adventures of these guys. Will be fun seeing all these cars and folks in Birmingham on Thursday! I should have hung out in Flagstaff on Saturday to watch them all, as I picked up an SVT Focus in Palm Springs, CA on Friday and drove all the way home to Denver, CO by Saturday afternoon. I was on 40 eastbound from Flagstaff to Albuquerque late Friday night, just missed them.

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