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Happy Birthday Shlbylvr!!!

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Thank you all for the wonderful birthday messages.


The weekend has been busy and continues to be so. If only I could get rid of this headache, I'd be happy..



Happy Birthday Heidi. Hope you feel better.



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I thought we already went through this last week??? :headscratch: Anyways I'll say it again HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI....:banana piano: and I hope you are enjoying your day..... :party2:

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Again, thank you all for the wishes, I had an incredible birthday.


The celebrating started Thursday, Saturday a friend got married, we partied there, then went to the local mexican restaurant and had a number of drinks there. I got home about 10 I think. We had a few or more drinks here.


Got up early this morning and another friend boiled crawfish for my birthday. So all in all, I've had a wonderful day.


The headache I had this morning, was self inflicted. And the one I know i'll have tomorrow will be the same.



Again, thanks for the wishes.

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