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Seen 07 Shelby GT500 on I49 in LA on Sat.


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I was traveling from TX to FL this past Saturday and it was probably between 5:30 to 6:30pm on I-49 in Louisana going south when in my side mirror coming up from behind I knew it was a Shelby GT500 and after it blew on by :shift: it was an 07 Tungsten Gray w/ Silver stripes and had Texas plates. Very nice ride but considering it was raining all day with very slick roads and the fact that 49 south has got to be one of the bumpiest highways out there, do you think it was wise to be going at least 90mph with those high performance tires?


I know with the Nitto's I got on my 08 Shelby GT/SC you hit one of those puddles on that road at that speed and you are visiting the marsh.


I was laughing when you passed me for the 2nd time as I'm like must be the great gas mileage these Shelby's get... :shift:

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