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War Birds


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Check this out. Some are going to Lake San Antonio. This is another cool event that is open all.



ATTENTION All Cobras, GT's, GT 40's, GT 350 & 500's and all Shelby cars of all kinds.


I belong to the War Birds Air Museum in Paso Robles. This is one of the best Air museums in the state. I was asked by the War Birds group and Golden State Cruisers if I could gather a few Cobras to the Paso Robles Air Port for a special event on Saturday, May 16, Armed Forces Day.

We will be able to park our cars around all the special planes and jets that have a history that would take hours to repeat. Believe me, this is a special request.

I'm asking everyone near and far to try to make this event. Thursday afternoon, I called Jim , Kit Car Builder Magazine, and mentioned this event to him. Again,,, he said that they couldn't make it here, but, take photos and write an article and they will run a small photo article on the event.

Within the next couple of weeks, I'll make a run to the airport and take a few photos of the museum and get them off to you. I want you to see what we are talking about. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to park our cars next to a piece of history like this. A request like this from the War Birds, has never been asked of before.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 16, Drop me a line telling me that you can make it there. You'll not only be doing yourself some good, but the community good also.

I just heard this afternoon that we will be sharing the parking with other car clubs, Model A's, Corvettes clubs, etc. There will be enough parking for only 75 cars. Please let me know as soon as you can. I would like to have our cars make a big showing at this event.



805 423-1095

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A change in date & update. See below.


This is the latest up date on the WarBirds Wings & Wheels car show. This is a no cost, no donation requested car show. Food will be available at the site.

Last week I sent you a request to be in a "show and shine" at the WarBirds Air Museum on May 16. Now this is a car show.

A few things have changed. The date was set for May 16. Due to a wine festable on that date, the date of the show has been changed to May 9.

You will need to go this web site to pre register for the show, you will also need to send a photo of your car along with your registration.

Go to WWW.ewarbirds.org

At the center of the home page, in blue, click on "WarBirds, Wings & Wheels"

Look for "show my car", click on there and supply the necessary info.

I have Norton Security, for what ever reason I can't get it to go through. If you have the same problem, print out the registration from info and email it to peterd@seeword.com


Get your reservation in ASAP, don't hesitate !. There is going to be plenty of parking, but the earlier you're there, the better place you'll have to park. We'll be parking amongst the war planes,jets, helicopters and on the taxi way. Any place you park, it will be great !. There are 4 other car clubs with our group. so get your registration in now !. I want our group to have a good turn out.


Parking for the show starts at 8:00 AM, Saturday morning. I suggest that you're early and not on time only.

This is a C.C.C. group event. This invitation is being directed to all Cobra, and Shelby car owners. If I mistakenly sent this email to you and you're not a Cobra or Shelby car owner,,, I'm sorry. please disregard.

I can't stress enough,,, be early !

Any questions, please call me.




805 423-1095

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