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Saw it today at Gatornationals


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I saw the Prudhomme Edition today at Gatornationals, they had it tucked in next to the Skoal Sponser booth. Looks much better in person than the pics from the launch event. Also saw a Tasca FR500CJ and 2010 Mustang GT....



I know, worthless without pics.... They are coming...

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I went to the event too, but because I had my kids and they weren't allowed in the "Adult only" area I did not get to see it, to be honest I didn't even know they had one there. I did talk to the "Snake" and he really doesn't have much of an idea about what the car has done to it, he could only say that it is "pretty hopped up." I thought that was pretty funny, but in actuality he was probably just making small talk.


BTW, Rarecat, where are your pics?


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