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Wheel well area question


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My car is up on jack stands and being cleaned up and modified. I noticed that the front wheel well areas are covered with black plastic pieces (which is a good idea) but why is it they do not use it on the rear wheel well? Or do they and mine was just missed? I cleaned up the area and added a black undercoating, on top of what the factory used. It looks good and readfy to go but before the car is on the road again, which will be months from now. I am wondering if there is piece that I can buy just to add on as an extra protection against dirt and whatever.

I did a search on google for wheel well covers and wheel well protection, but nothing comes up for Mustangs.

Would any of you guys know of anything in the aftermarkets for the rear wheel well?

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I'm not the only one here that has wondered this, am I?



I'm guessing your talking about the plastic fender liner for the front correct??? If so it's only used in the front to keep water and all the crap you would kick up from getting into the engine compartment. The rear doesn't need it because of the steel fender well. A good coat of undercoating is all you need for the rear.

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think theres a thread in here called 'you might want to look under your car' I put up last January...lots of pics of questionable areas...


my single biggest worry is about half the cars Ive looked under have a hole showing atop the flap just in front of the rear tires- this hole is on top, in a filthy place, and funnels down into a razor thin gap at the bottom- in my opinion this will be the beginning of the end for those cars driven year round...mine was open on both sides, half the cars at the auto show were open on at least one side...


I predict #2 rot area(but not as damaging as replaceable panel) is the fender/bumper joint- the fender has a 90 degree bend where it bolts to bumper- and those 'nice' plastic front fenderliners dont attach to the outer lip-they sit on it, so any time you rinse under the fenders or drive thru a puddle, it rinses the dirt away into the fenderlip, where half runs out the back, and the other half gets rinsed up behind the headlamps- the reinforcement plate holding fender bolts hangs up a bunch of it on the flat surface, the rest runs into the downward vee of the headlamp mounting panel pinchweld...look back under your intake snorkel with a flashlight, bet youll see what I'm talking about.


at least we have a dipped epoxy primer, so even salted cars should be rust free for 5 years or so, but betcha in 10-15 years that rocker junction in front of rear tires will be as likely to be rusted as a 65-70 something galaxie frame was at 10-15 years of age...I tend to keep cars forever, and hope to still be enjoying this one if I'm still around in 20 years...


I've always hated rust, after a project a couple years ago even moreso...take a look at this mess:


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