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Take the cars and run!


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This is the part of the story, the people never fail to amaze me part of the story, that cracks me up:


"Doug Bergener, a manager at Bargain Buggys in Tooele, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, said he and his partner have known Patch and Fait for nearly 20 years.


Bergener said he heard recently that Patch and Fait were shutting down the Scottsbluff dealership, and he offered to buy 10 used vehicles.


The vehicles arrived at the Manheim Utah Auto Auction in Woods Cross, Utah, aboard an auto transport truck Monday morning.


But they weren't used cars. They were 2009 Toyotas. Corollas. Matrixes. Yarises. Tacomas.


"All new — brand new," Bergener said.


Following standard procedure, Bergener financed the vehicles through the auto auction and had 90 days to sell them on his lot before they went back to the auction.


By Tuesday, Bergener had sales pending on four of the vehicles. Then he got a call telling him not to sell them because the vehicles were stolen.


Bergener said Patch told him that he paid for the vehicles and had titles for them.


"I don't think anyone can prove anything's illegal at this point," Bergener said. "We've know Allen for 15 years and never knew him to do anything underhanded. There's been no reason not to trust him. He's always been honest. It'll all come out in the wash."



"There's no reason not to trust him"!!!! :headscratch::hysterical:


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