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The Apprentice

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I wandered what happened to the cool Bike Builder Jessie James.......He is on The Apprentice along with Andrew Dice Clay and Dinnes Rodman..................this season should be goooooood. Oh yeah, the Queen of Plastic Surgry Joan Rivers is on it to. Their First Task.... Making and selling "CUP CAKES"........... :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:

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They dug up several Forgotten people......... Scott Hamel........


I missed many of the Shows but this Season should be a good one to watch..................I couldn't believe how Mellow ol'e Joan Rivers was.

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Guest markham51

I was surprised at how businesslike Tom Green was. His "on screen persona" is normally wacko, but his apprentice personality was very reserved and dare I say it....RATIONAL.


I really like this show, I have followed it through the years. I always marvel at how dense some of these people are (and i dont mean the celebs). I forget how much one learns while on the job.


Rodman is clearly an idiot. Broderick is hot and so is the poker chick Annie. She has an outgoing personality but so do all good poker players. You have to be aggressive and a risk taker. If this was not to some extent a personality contest, I'd pick her to go down to the wire.


I'm surprised the guys got beaten so badly. I think they are a lazy bunch.


Dice is gone, but then he has always been a waste of skin in my opinion anyway. His act gets really old for me...quick.


I was not impressed by Herschel (stupid name for company TOFU or whatever and his laid back leader style was hard to take)... but he was clearly better than Rodman and Clay...he raised more than anyone on the guys team and worked harder with no attitude.


Joan appeared more competant than I was expecting.


The girls tapped their contacts hard in the first episode, you can only go to the same well so many times whihc may even things out as we move along.


The cameras (is that the liberal media? :hysterical: ) just show you what they want you to see.


It's light entertainment for sure, but for some reason I love it!

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