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1989 Shelby CSX On Ebay


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For anyone looking at that 89 CSX on ebay, over 400 views so far, take a close look at the pics. A very close look.


Seller seems to be leaving out quite a few things regarding the car. From the ebay description:


To the best of my recollection, I purchased this vehicle in late 1990 or early 1991 with 13,000 miles on it from someone who worked on Mopar products exclusively. I had electric windows and door locks installed at that time. These parts were taken from a Shadow, so switches, door motors, and wiring are all factory components. The vehicle has never been abused; it also has never been babied (I was not able to garage it). This is the reason for the faded paint. Since I've owned it, it has been involved in two accidents. Waiting at a stop sign, the car in front of me backed into it. As you can see from the photos, the grill is cracked. Next instance, while it was sitting at a garage (being restored mechanically) someone backed into the driver's front fender (it appears most people in this area drive by Braille!)


Starting from the top. I guess his recollection isn't too good as he's forgetting about the non-original fog lights. CSX's did not come with fog lights.


And that car in front of him that "backed into it" must have got a pretty good running start as he fails to mention the Shadow ES hood that is on the car. He mentions that the front air dam is missing but take a look at the front bumper. No mounting holes for the air dam so obviously the bumper has been replaced from another Shadow. Now take a look at the rear bumper. Wow can you imagine that. No rear airdam and no mounting holes which show that bumper has also been replaced. I guess his recollection failed on that too.


Not sure why some pics show a primered drivers fender and some show a painted fender. Difficult to tell which pic actually represents the car as it sits today.


One other item I noticed is that he left the vin number out of his auction and photoshopped the radiator plaque so you can't see the stamped number. Also makes no mention if the dash plaque is there or what number the car is. Makes you wonder if he doesn't want you researching the car thru CarFax or the Shelby registry.


I'm not trying to beat the seller up too bad but when you make comments like:


-To the best of my recollection,

-as honest as my knowledge allows them to be.

-I don't recall anyone

-I would not anticipate any serious problems

-I feel longevity will be dictated by the buyer's driving habits

-as all sales are final

-Since I've had it


well it just seems like the seller is being totally upfront including the 3,000 mile oil changes when its obvious the car has been neglected most if not all of its life.


So my point is be careful out there. This particular car appears to have been wrecked more severe than the seller is letting on. It appears that he found a Shadow ES to scavenge parts from not knowing that just because they will bolt on means they are correct.


So for any newbies to the Shelby Dodge world don't be afraid to ask questions as we are here to help. You can even use PM's to ask questions.




PS- And for the old timers in the Shelby Dodge world. I wonder who asked the seller if they would store the car for a few months until they can pick it up. I'm thinking, W_ _ _ _. I don't know if its good or bad that he's picking all these 89 CSX cars up. Its probably a good thing as if he didn't they might be crushed.

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A couple days ago when I saw that add the mental picture I formed of the seller was a forgetfull/absent minded older man. Then I noticed he has effectively quoted several known sources for the CSX's and he has over 600 successful auctions yet no others active? Things about that seller dont add up <_< I coupld find the photoshopped area you talked about Steve? Maybe I don't remember what the underhood plaque looks like on a CSX-VNT



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If you look at his pic of the engine plaque, the aluminum tag that Shelby Autos affixed to the radiator support, you can see where he blurred out the last 4 numbers that SAI stamped into the tag. If that number wasn't photoshopped I could cross reference it to find out the dash plaque number. From the dash plaque number I could cross reference the vin number.



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here is the VIN number: 1B3BP94A0KN644892


He must of added it to the auction.






Thanks for the vin. I keep forgetting that because I use the older ebay motors website the vin doesn't always show.


That vin comes back to CSX #199 shipped to a New Jersey dealer.



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