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On June 6, 2008 the Legend Lime Registry ( http://www.legendlimeregistry.com/ ) went to SMS. Here are the two posts:


From Tom:

Steve Saleen Starts Another Company, SMS In Anaheim, CA LLR News Network….. Hot off the press….

Steve M. Saleen has opened a new company called SMS. It is located at 3125 E. Coronado Street, Anaheim, CA 92806. The LLR News Network found about through our local source, Alan Reece. Alan is always prone to win raffles and last weekend at the “Grand Opening” of 281 Motorsport, he won 3 pulls at SMS. Because of the tight network of the local Limers, Charlie, Alan and I were able to have a private tour of the new location.


The facilities are beautiful and have a theme. Each of the office and conference rooms has a name of a raceway that a Saleen car has won. Then there is the HAL Room, which is their Data Center Room.


Our tour guide was Sean Saleen, Sales Manager of SMS. The private tour was perfect, except we could not go back to an area that has “Top Secret” prototypes. The OC LLR would like to “Thank” Sean Saleen for his time on the tour.


The idea for SMS, is to have the customer able to view there car upgrades, maintenance or a dyno, with the comfort from home. Their forecast is to have a HD TV in the waiting room of each bay, so the customer can view their vehicle being worked on.


Here is their web site http://smslimitedusa.com/ .


From Alan:

As explained to us by Sean Saleen during our tour, SMS is located in a 144,000 sq. ft. warehouse and manufacturing facility (the place is huge!). They are just in the development stages right now, so equipment is in the process of being installed, and there were no completed cars or products to view or take pictures of. We were even prohibited by Sean from taking any pictures inside the warehouse/manufacturing area, except my car on the dyno machine (and even then I was only allowed to take the pictures from one direction, as they didn't want anything in the rest of the manufacturing area to be visible in the pictures) as they are trying to maintain top secrecy on their plans in development until they are ready to bring their ideas to market. They even took the time and trouble to move some of their prototype stuff to a far corner of the warehouse before we arrived and parked their semi and trailer in front of the area to block any visibility of the prototypes.

SMS will be personalizing/modifying new cars and selling them through dealers, similar to what they did at Saleen and to what Roush and Steeda are doing, but due to the terms of Steve's departure from the Saleen organization SMS is prohibited from doing this with the Mustang until the 2010 model year. So, the first car they will be "producing" at this new facility will be the new Dodge Challenger, for which they are developing their mod package right now. SMS is also planning to do something similar with the new Chevy Camaro when it comes out. Then, in the 2010 model year, SMS will come out with it's Mustang version.


In the meantime, an affiliated company called "Techo" is developing performance upgrade parts and custom tunes for our S197 Mustangs, some of which they plan to release to the market by the end of this month. They did show us a prototype of their new CAI that will be released this month. It will be available in three levels, the inlet tube will be available in plastic or carbon fiber, and the top level will include their own proprietary modifications to the stock throttle body. SMS has chosen to modify the stock throttle body, rather than build a new one or change it out for the GT500 throttle body. The top level of the new CAI is purported to flow 40% better than any other CAI currently on the market. They are working out the pricing and other final details over the next couple of weeks. This CAI will require a custom tune, which SMS has already developed for it. And for those of us who live in California, their CAI will be C.A.R.B. legal with an EO number! They are also coming out with a number of other performance upgrades, including cams, lifters, and valve springs which will be ground by SMS to their own specifications in their own facility on their own CNC machines, and the custom tunes to go with them. Right now SMS is a Diablo Predator tuner, but may add SCT in the near future.


SMS has a brand new Dynojet Model 224xlc dyno (Dynojet's newest model) on which they are developing and testing their new custom tunes. They will be running this dyno like a dyno shop, not just using it for their own development and testing, charging $125.00 for 3 pulls. They will chart peak horsepower, peak torque, and air/fuel ratios and give you a color printout with all 3 runs overlayed on one chart. If you ask real nice, they will also datalog any 10-12 parameters you specify and download it onto your flashdrive if you bring one, along with a .pdf of your chart. My car was the very first "customer" car to be dyno'd on their new machine yesterday.


SMS has some very ambitious plans and ideas, with a goal of making their new facility the "Disneyland" of performance shops. We were able to get "up close and personal" with the dyno and crew while my car was being dyno'd yesterday, but for safety reasons that will change when they get the facility completed. The dyno will be isolated from the customer, and the customer will be able to watch his/her car being dyno'd on a large flat screen TV from the comfort of a customer lounge just outside the dyno room, and will not be allowed to stand right next to the dyno and talk to the crew as the dyno run is in progress like we did yesterday.


They have moved since we were there last.



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