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Happy Birthday Bob Knudson!

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Thanks everyone, I had a wonderful birthday and a wonderful weekend.


Saturday was just wonderful. I spent the morning and early afternoon with my kids.


I manage one daughter's little league baseball team (yes baseball, not softball. My daughter refuses to play softball with the girls and insists on playing boy's baseball). My oldest son is one of my assistant coaches. We had a scrimmage game Saturday afternoon as a tuneup to get ready for the season, which starts in two weeks. I managed the game, with my 9 year old daughter playing and my oldest son helping as a coach. The kids played outstanding and for my birthday gave me a ball they had all autographed after the game, and then we all had cupcakes. I have lucked out this year and the team that I am managing is not only talented but has a bunch of kids on it that are just great kids who are a real joy to coach.


We then had the rest of family (parents, in laws, siblings, nephews, aunts...) over for pizza and birthday pie/cake Saturday evening. (The cake was for others, I am a pie person, and my wife makes me home made lemon meringue pie on my birthday).


I could not have asked for a better day, surrounded by loved ones doing things I enjoy.



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