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How do we tell which car # we were off the production line

tiger mark2

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Since I received my Shelby in late July that my car was in the first 250-300 built with a vin#213268. Does #268 mean 268th built. At one time I heard you had to call SVT for this info but I don't believe that.

Can anyone help???



No, it doesn't mean that and no, there is no way to find out at this time. It's been discussed a number of times, but the bottom line is that SVT *MAY* do documentation that states that you're # of # at the end of the run, but don't bank on it.


Here's the info on my particular car as it was explained to me in a memo from Ford:


"Your vehicle with VIN 1ZVHT88S575209677 was produced on June 27, 2006. We produced approximately 573 Shelby GT500 vehicles through that date."


So, as you can see, my car wasn't the 77th, 677th or 9677th car.


There were about 90 pre-production cars that went to people like Leno, etc. Mr. Shelby has one...#13 I believe. Those appear to be sequentially numbered and have a like VIN.




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