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Cragar brakes???

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Has anyone heard anything good or bad about Cragar brakes? There is an offer on Mustang Forum for all 4 wheels rotors, calipers, pads for $899. The seller sent me this:


'The Rotors are USA made PowerStop Premium Castings, The Calipers are made by SSBC (another USA company) The Pads are easy to come by, it uses a newer GM design for the fronts (found on the C6 Vette and XLR) and the rear is another slightly older design that GM used on the front of the early 90's F-Bodys. So replacement parts are easy to source. The Fronts are a D731 and rears are a D154 if you wish to look up the specs on those pad designs.'


The 4 calipers are blue and would go with my Vista Blue. I don't race but want better street braking. Front rotors are 13" vs. the GT500 14".


Either I do this or get the GT500 front brakes and upgrade the 4 rotors and pads eventually. (on a retired budget) I already have the GT500 wheels and tires.


Would appreciate hearing any thoughts.



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