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Eagles anyone?

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The Eagles 3/15/09 Fargodome, Fargo, ND.


It was a great show. It ranks as #1 (only the Stones were better, Elton John is now #3)


Frey and Henley sounded as good as ever. I liked the mix of new (from the Long Road out of Eden) and old (everything else).


Joe Walsh is one hell of a guitar player and singer. Not as good as Keith Richards but good.


Long live 4-part harmony.


They did Hotel California early. I was hoping they'd finish with it as a reprise but their last was Desperado. Excellent show. If you get a chance to see it (they tour is almost over) do it.


Some photos taken from the middle of the floor center just left of the center of the stage with my crappy cell phone camera.







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The Eagles are touring again. Shows 5-Nov and 19-Nov at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This is the best place in the world to see any group. Great acoustics and it is a relatively small auditorium so you can see and hear from anywhere.

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