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40th on ebay


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I wouldn't worry so much for the market of our 40th's. If the guy is liquidating - he's doing so at a loss. Though time is likely a factor for him. Still - as with any car - the market value will certainly dip before it rises. It will be mnay years before we see any real appreciation. More likely - just a slowed depreciation.

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The reason I ask is that my buddy has one and he got the 725 HP upgrade that the SS has.


Actually - kevhead said it better. You could get a 40th with certain "power upgrades". That could be the blower TVS or KB for coupe, or TVS for vert. Other options were the Baer brakes and the short throw shifter (and maybe the 3.73 rear?). I don't think there was any other change you could make.

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I think it was optional and not part of the std package.


"605HP and 725HP are options on the 40th:



"600HP and 700+HP are available options on the Coupe

600HP is the max. power option available on the convertible.

600HP will be warrantied (extent of warranty to be determined), 700+HP package has NO DRIVETRAIN WARRANTY

700+HP package will use a Shelby/Kenne Bell Supercharger upgrade

The 700+HP pkg will have a one piece drive shaft


Power upgrade to 700+HP will be $10,000. This will include the Shelby/Kenne Bell Supercharger, Borla Exhaust upgrade, one piece drive shaft and labor.

You can opt for the polished supercharger for an additional $500.


The 600HP package will be approximately $7500.


The short throw shifter is NOW available for an additional $549.99


Shelby Extreme-Plus Brake System (calipers available in Blue, Red, Orange or Black) $4189.98 installed. You can see them at www.shelbyperformanceparts.com." :)

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Yeah! Too good of a deal to pass up. I spoke to the sales guy and he said it's like new and the guy fell into an unfortunate situation and has to liquidate some things fast. Maybe I'll sell my 2008 or keep em both. Not sure yet.

:happy feet: Congrats. Happy to see it went to a TS member.

Now, send in your red coupe for the SS upgrade.

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