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Track time at Laguna Seca

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After 2 years I finally got my car on a racetrack. It was a Hooked on Driving event at Laguna Seca. It was only my second time on a race track and a first for my 40th. It rained all night but cleared up in the morning and the track dried out by 10:00. I ran in the "A" group with a coach. At first I thought the coach thing was dorky but quickly realized I was the dork not them. They really helped me learn and by the end of the day I was ready to solo my next time out.

I was really happy with the car performance. The cornering and suspension performance were great for my skill level. After about 3-4 laps the brakes got a little hot and you could smell them. They never faded but I can see a brake upgrade coming quick.

Since I was the only Shelby I never had a shortage of conversation. Even got a few "sounds great" comments about the KR mufflers. It was a fun day and the Hooked on Driving folks did a great job.




My wife shot a video of me down straight. Not my fastest pass but the car still sounded great. I also had an in-car camera setup so I'll post some video next week when I get it downloaded.


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Your car sounded great, like a Sprint Cup car!! I hope to get mine on track later this year. I'm doing the brake upgrades in advance, since the SGT stock brakes are not as good as the GT500 stock brakes.

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