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Cobra in the rain?


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as long as you keep moving it is ok unless it is a heavy down pour. Having a tonneau cover is nice when you are parked. If you can keep the interior dry before you get in it to drive it is a big plus. The biggest worry is stopping and possibly spinning out.



I have had my car on the road since Oct. 2005. :shift:

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Whew, I got over to BAR and the B&L done and back before the rain.


But, I am interested how the leather holds up to a little moisture.




I did see one times, a cobra parked at a show, pouring down rain, with no type of cover. Inside,. it looked like a very expensive BATH TUB !

There had to be a foot of water.


I don't have wipers on my cobra, as my wife and I were headed to a show, it started raining. You know, the periodic go 2 miles down the highway and it's dry, look ahead and it's raining........ I asked her if we should go on, and she said yes. Like mentioned already, it's ok if you're moving. rain hit the windshield and goes over the cockpit, mostly anyway. Well, all was fine but I did not have Rain X so visibility was poor. My wife has big hooters so I told her to stand up, lean over the windshield and I would steer side to side, acting like a squeegee........ IT WORKED ! lol

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