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Half Way Home


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Hey all


I know it is a long time since I posted, well a month or so anyway, but it has been kinda hectic.


We left Sudbury Ontario (Wife, me and two kids) with our two Mustangs and some really kind weather and hightailed for Atlanta between Christmas and new year. We spent some time in Atlanta catching up with some friends before departing for San Francisco and then finally LA where the cars are being shipped back to Australia from. We opted to take I-10 as we figured the weather would be more certain and very glad we did, it was such a great drive. Some of the places were just fantastic to visit, but San Antonio, Tucson and Phoenix certainly rate a mention. San Francisco is also a fantastic city to spend some time.


We took Highway 1 from San Francisco to LA and that is just an awesome drive if any of you ever get the chance:







Total trip was almost right on 7,000Km's or in real terms about, 4,350 miles. A fantastic experience.


The cars are now in LA waiting to be shipped to Melbourne Australia where they will be converted by Mustang Motorsport to Right Hand drive and then we get to drive them from the East coast of Oz to Perth on the West coast, about 3,500Km's or 2,100 Miles. We should see our cars again about the end of April, all going well, and then we can start the second leg. Can't Wait..........


That will make the drive overall from Canada to East coast US to West Coast US, to East coast Australia to West coast Australia.


We, as a family are now settled in Perth so expecting to spend a little more time on the site again catching up with the news. (Gotta say guys, it is nice to be back in some warm weather, but the fires here have just been terrible, luckily for us we are not near them and no family or friends directly impacted, but feeling for those that are.)


Take care all.

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