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Turkey pan


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I've been told that the turkey pan is too restrictive for air flow because of the small air cleaner it allows, does anyone know if this is false rumour or fact? Didn't the original comp cars use the turkey pan, if so , it must have worked great.


It is reported by guys who have dyno'd their cars that it does reduce HP. Remember the 289s did not have them and they are the cars with the Team Shelby racing history. The Cobra hood scoop is also not functional at anything over parade speed. The air stream flows right over them

and more air come out of them. Kinda like a heat vent.


If you are only street cruisin' and occasional track time I wouldn't worry about this amount of HP lost.

Enjoy the Cobra as it left Shelby America.

I am running 2X4s and guys that have Dyno'd them have only gained 8HP without the air cleaners. These cars are so light I doubt you are going to tell the difference.

If you don't like the look of the turkey pan then deep six it and put a 14" air cleaner on it. :D

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