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Steeda Belt Drive for Whipple Supercharger

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I called them today. Looks like you need a custom tune to run 13 PSI constantly. Sent them my dyno results to see what they think of my A/F, MAF etc., to see if I can keep the great FRPP tune.


keep you guys posted.



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WOW!! $1300 :blink:


I think that it would totally be worth it though in the grand scheme of things. . . . . When I was down at the Vegas Bash this year, there was a Whipple Shelby GT/SC there that threw the belt. . . . that would be frustrating as all hell if you ask me. So for $1300 and a +2lbs in boost and the added security of knowing your belt isn't going to go flying off. . . . . Justified!


I just wonder if the extra 2lbs boost to 13lbs on a regular basis is going to be the death of the motor with a stock bottom end???

I guess - back in the 60s - guys were lucky to still have the original motor still in the car running - they were usually blown up and sitting on an engine stand in the corner of the garage. Well - at least that's what happened with my Dad's 69 Charger R/T 440. So I guess looking at the cost to rplc the motor vs. the cost to update the bottom end with some better pieces. . . . . . . it's all worth it.


Adding this to the Mod sheet for consideration. Now - just have to decide on which S/C I want to go with. Whipple or Kenne Bell



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I spoke with someone at Steeda today. If you purchase the Whipple Supercharger and Belt Drive kit through Steeda - it will come with their cold air intake kit and a custom 'adaptive' tune that is calibrated for the increase from the normal 10psi up to 12-13 psi boost.


They said that if you already have the Whipple S/C and are going to add this little gem - you will need dyno/custom tune done to account for the addtional boost and that you're pushing things to the edge of the suggested limits. You're going to want to KNOW that your Air/Fuel mix is right on and that you're fuel pump isn't weak. . . . . you just want to know rather than just assuming or guessing that everything is how it's supposed to be.


They have a MGT with the Whipple, the Steeda Belt Drive, Steeda Cold Air Intake Kit, and the 'adaptive tune' and everything else is stock stock. . . . they've beat the _________ out of that car and have had no problems with belt slip, or evidence of possibly being on the brink of grenading the motor.


I was also told that Ford and FRPP were VERY interested in what Steeda did with this kit. You may see a Ford Racing version of this kit available, but you'll notice very easily that it's the same as the Steeda one.


They are also going to be releasing different pulley sizes for a total of 3 sizes. One that gives 10-11psi / One that gives 12-13psi / and One that gives 14-15psi - they said this may be in a month or two.


In my mind - I feel that this is well worth the $$$ when you think about the fact that you've got EVERYTHING running off 1 belt. FRPP/Whipple should have developed/engineered it this way in the first place.



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