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08 GT-500 vs. 08 Hemi Charger R/T


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Thought you guys might appreciate this little story and for those of you who are quick to flame, I do not street race or condone it....so you can save those comments.


Anyway, disclaimers aside, yesterday afternoon my buddy (who is a LEO BTW) pulled along side me at a light with another LEO friend trailing him in his F-150. He looked at me an revved his engine....I thought he was kidding. The light changes and he launches at full throttle, crap, I'm asleep at the switch!!! He got me at the launch, I launch as hard as I can without losing traction and by the time I hit second I'm pulling even, through second I get a car length on him and shut it down around 90 MPH (in a 45 MPH zone). He catches up with his window down and I ask him if he'd like a second chance and he said "one spanking a day is enough"....The other LEO friend was laughing, saying it was like 68 all over again...


Fun stuff!!! :shift:

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