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looks great, can't wait to bring the CSX back out. maybe next month


I just couldn't look at it in the garage any more. Every time I walked by it (and I think my wife heard it) it would whisper "drive me".


So Friday I left work early, it was in the 50's, and lit it up. Took it for a quick spin so I could get the feel for it without putting anyone else at risk, and I have to say:


Driving a Cobra is about the most fun you can legally have, sitting in a seat, in public.


More later.


I got some new pics too.

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hope to have mine back this week, can't wait :shift:


my luck it will rain :doh:



It rained here all weekend and we had a little shower about 1:00. We were just getting back from a landscaping run to Home Depot when it quit about 2:00. Weather is looking like it has dried off enough to maybe take the Cobra for a short run.

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