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Ok, so Obama is President...

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If I were him, I would have called in sick today. I mean really, how much partying can one person take..



I had a visual of him sitting in his exec chair in the oval office, spinning around in his chair with a huge grin on his face. That is what I would have done if I made it as Pres.. Fortunately, I'm not eligible.

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Guest markham51

I get a headache thinking about the challenges he faces. It will take lots of hard work to execute on his vision. Good thing he is 47 and not 57 like me...ok 58!

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Excellent. Showing a clear separation from the Bush administration - and recognition of the mistakes made with the Muslim world.


We need their help in dealing with the fundamentalists. Obama is the Islamic extremists worst nightmare. They'll lose the propaganda war now that we're re-engaging.

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Here's something he DID do...




This burns me. :censored:


edit*** I would have posted a link to a more liberal media, but I couldn't find one! AP, Reuters don't think this story is newsworthy, I guess...


Why was this news to you or anyone? Candidate Obama, as all the other Democratic candidates, already stated that if elected they would repeal it and he won by a landslide.


The fox article you posted starts off with twisting the truth it says "or provide abortions outside of the United States". This is not about US dollars going to fund abortions and NEVER was. The issue was that we were cutting off aid to needed NGOs because in some aspect or some part of their organization they provided information or referral for abortions. This meant an organization in the Sudan that provides needed humanitarian aid and food was no longer able to receive US assistance because they provided information that's PERFECTLY LEAGAL for a US citizen to obtain here in the US. It was seen as doing elsewhere in the world what the anti-abortion groups couldn't do in the US. I suspect how you feel about this will pretty much fall in line where you sit on abortion over all so there you go! It is what it is!


The fact is the US "places high priority on preventing abortions through the use of family planning, saving the lives of women who suffer complications arising from unsafe abortion, and linking those women to voluntary family planning and other reproductive health services that will help prevent subsequent abortions. US AID is prohibited from providing funds to pay for the performance of abortion as a method of family planning or to motivate or coerce any person to practice abortion, as stipulated by the Helms Amendment enacted in 1973. This and all other statutory and policy requirements relating to family planning remain in effect. " -- US Government Press Release


As for reports elsewhere on this, especially AP and Reuters:




http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/01/19/obama.abortion/ (reported a day before Fox)






Seems Reuters thought the prospects important enough to report on the liklihood of this back in Novenber as did quite a few others...use "the goggle" and you can find them.




As I said, how you feel about abortion rights, and how you felt when Bill Clinton did the same when he became President, probably dictates how you feel about this switch back.


Nothing unexpected here but making big deal abou this does give the in disarray right something to muster the troops around after seeing their party of choice so resoundingly rejected.

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