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2009 Barrett Jackson


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Part one: The one I wanted


When I went through the catalog this little car just stood out. My wife even said she liked it and so I sought it out as the very first car to look at. It was a Thursday afternoon schedule and was just too nice to not look at. I got in late Wednesday and went down on Thursday morning.


The car belonged to Ricky Nelson's twins Gunnar and Matthew. It is an extremely nicely restored K-code (High power 289) fairly well optioned. The papers said it had A/C factory but it looked like an add in. Didn't matter it was so nice.


I stopped at $57K, it sold for $67K. In retrospect not a bad price, but I had my eyes on some other stuff and I was pretty religious about not going over my high strike point. Also, I was mostly interested in Shelby, and this was a high quality Mustang but not a Shelby Mustang.


It is a beautifully restored specimen and someone got both a good driver and a fairly high quality show car.













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Part two: The one I really wanted but didn't get.


I've always thought the GT350 was really the classiest looking of the Shelbys. The GT500 was nice but I just liked the lines of this one better (I like the curves of the 500 and bid on a couple).


This one I had a limit of $80K. It went for more than that :) (See the last photo).


The funny thing is I had hunted down the red 'vert - they said it was in a particular location and it wasn't there, so I figured it had already been moved to the staging area. On the way there I saw it up an aisle. Then I went to the GT350 place and it was missing too, and it turned out it was about 50' up on the other side of an awning and I hadn't even seen it. Both cars (in addition to a couple of others) were all from the same dealer.


This GT350 looked like it had been driven off the lot yesterday. The fellow explained it had been stored in a climate controlled garage for about 15 years, so not much had to be done to it to get it presentable. The underneath was absolutely clean (which it would be if you had it up on blocks.) I spent alot of time on my knees (taking pictures) and on my back (looking under cars).












I'm glad I stuck with my cutoff because two people really wanted this car. There were some much nicer, rarer and better looking GT500s that went for half this price.



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Part three: The one I got.


I've wanted a Cobra since I was 16. There was a red CSX that was I think 4986 or close (near the end, and a recent car that was just finished by Steve Becker - a very reputable dealer - but it had a classic 60's 427FE (sideoiler). THose engines have lots of issues at this altitude and I spoke last summer with a Cobra owner that started his car off with one and eventually converted it to fuel injection. This one has a fuel injected Shelby/Roush 427 "Windsor" so is a little more altitude friendly. I stopped at my cutoff. Someone outbid me and backed off, so it went back. They were trying to bump it up and the fellow that was taking my bid asked if I wanted to re-up my 100K. I told him yes and he went up on the stage, they pointed to me, and tried to get more. The gavel went down and my jaw dropped. I bought a Cobra. Now what do I do? (Hint - get it ready for shipping but don't miss the plane, next story).


Before this one I'd walked away from a GT500KR at 80 (it went for 105) and I said "I'll be back, there are a couple of more that I'm interested in". The bidders assistant guy said "I knew you were going to buy something".















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I have about 600 more photos that I will cull some of the best of the show for and post later. But I have to put this one here now.


This is the Hurst Viper. The paint was absolutely the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. No photo can do it justice. It is totally flat (not matte) and reflects no light. The color in the photo is not what I saw (and this camera usually does a good job). It just glowed. They had a postcard of it in bright sunlight and it looked like an orange (the fruit). More of this can be seen at hurst-performance.com





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Congrats on your purchase. That's very cool! I've always wanted one too, but I'll have to settle on a Factory Five that I build myself someday. I will be putting in the 427FE engine though as I already have the engine currently nestled in my '70 Mach 1. :)

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Your Cobra has the color combination of all time for me. My name sake is Jim Clark. When I was growing up, he was one of my heros and I got to see him race before he was killed. When his Indy car took the win, it was the same color combination as your car. Very different but classy. Congratulations.



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