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My own 08 Vista Blue GT 500 is home!

500 Blue

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Hello all,

A few of you have went out of your way to help me in my quest to find a GT500. I have made an educated purchase because of many of you. My 08 came with a new clutch and flywheel with an unopened tranny.


I drove from FL to NC to pick her up. I started to ship it but wanted to drive it since it had the new clutch/flywheel put in. I have had a few mustangs previously. Two have been S197. I started with a 06 V6 gray mustang for my wife and myself.




We sold this when I found a Roush mustang. I bought my Roush used with only a few thousand miles on it. I love the looks and did a lot of custom work. I placed well at car shows and really enjoyed the ride.








I kept the Roush for about a year and a half. I have always wanted a Shelby but the price was always out of my reach. As the prices started to drop for the new and used ones I was able to find me a used 08 in the color I wanted for less then 40k. The mileage was about 1,500 when I bought her and she was in great shape. Had a good coat of wax and had never seen rain. I rode home on back roads and enjoyed the drive.


Here is the Me (right) and the previous owner (left)



Checking her out in NC



The only bad thing that happened was coming off the interstate in SC I ran over a large nail. We didn't take pictures (was too stressed). The wife ran to a trucker gas station and bought a plug kit. I was able to plug it and it is still driving well.


Here she is at home. It has been too cold to clean her to the detail I like but I was able to clean her a little today for a nice drive down to the water for some pictures and dinner.




More on next thread!

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There is nothing like getting to drive a supercharged car. It puts a smile on my face every time the boost gauge goes up and my foot goes on the floor. Just wanted to thank everyone here again that helped me in my search.


I have a mod list already. I have ordered my SVT Build Sheet. I have also ordered some clear corner/signal lights and stealth bulbs as I had them on my Roush and like it. I also have ordered some MRT hood struts and most importantly is the Shelby Dash Plaque. I have not recieved any of it yet but will soon. I kept my sequential tails lights from my other mustang and installed those tonight.


I also forgot to say the car did have a dyno tune. It came out to about 485 rwhp and 485 rwtq with a completely stock set up plus the tune!




Sorry for the long post just happy to have my very own Shelby GT500!



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Congrats on your purchase, May you have manymany hours of pleasure in her..


It's a good thing my mind isn't in the gutter. :bag:


Great choice on the better car. Send an email to Robert or Sharon if you'd like to change your user name.

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Waiting out the buying curve has allowed you to get a great deal and get you into the car of your dreams at a price that you can afford. I commend you for the time you took to study all the issues and research the states for the color of your choice and find one with low milage and a new clutch and flywheel as well. Your time and effort has paid off. You certianly do have the Mustang / Shelby passion in your blood and it's great to have you on board here at TS. If you want to change your screen name, send Robertlane & Sharon a PM with the new one and they will take care of it for you.


Catch ya later,



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Thank you all for the kind responses and warm welcome. I want to especially thank Grabber (Rob) for his help. I talked to him many times on the phone before making the purchase.


As far as a CAI and Pulley I would have to redyno the car. Since it already is sitting with 485rwhp with the stock tune I think the canned tune from JLT would put me in about the same range.


I am thinking about doing some custom paint under the hood and as well as a few other mods. Power mods will come but most likely not be first on my list.

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I'm jealous! I want one so badly!! I have to finish up my Real Estate classes first or just put a down payment for another 16 more months and then I can buy one!!!


Beautiful beautiful Beaaaautiful car, you are a lucky man!

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Ahhh, another Floridian with a Blue Shelby...welcome to an elite club of very smart individuals!!!


Where are you located in Florida?


I live in the North FL panhandle. Crestview to be exact. The more I drive the car the more I smile. The only problem is the speed limits are so low, plus I always run out of road before I run out of HP!



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