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Shelbyfest 2009 ??


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Just wondering if there is any new info available concerning this years Shelbyfest.


Looking forward to it!!!

Hey Bob,


Kyle posted the following awhile back under "Events>Shelbyfest 2008> Shelbyfest 2009 dates set


Greetings all,


After much deliberation, we have finally set the date/dates for Shelbyfest 2009.


The main event will be held Saturday, April 25th in Hermann. We are making a few changes to make sure we accomodate all that attend. Many more details to come here so stay tuned.


I am hoping to arrange something special through the lodging vendors so hold off for about 3 more weeks until I can try to get things finalized.


In regards to a potential track event the Friday before the main show, we are still waiting to find out whether or not we can get the track so I will be letting everyone know as soon as I can.





Hope that helps. I'm looking forward to it as well!!



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Just wondering if there is any new info available concerning this years Shelbyfest.


Looking forward to it!!!



It's just starting to come out. The video of all of the people leaving the farm on the first shelbyfest hit the web yesterday along with a few others from the first one and a little bit from last year. The caravan in from last year and my dyno pull were posted videos on another site I frequent.


Should be more details about this year coming soon from what I have heard. I know part of the hold up has been around track details and if they are able to get one for Friday or not. We already made hotel/B&B reservations for this one. The www.shelbyfest.net web site I think will be updated but the B&B list is still up there. I am staying in Hermann Friday and Sat. this time but am still kicking around driving back to O'Fallon to do the caravan in if people do that. There was some talk of a drive being set up around the Herman arear as a start and finish as well as an LSR Memorial Pnacake breakfast at one point. I don't have details but there seems to be Shelbyfest stuff starting to pop up - they excitement is growing!!! Looking forward to the drive over from Indy again this year but have to figure out how it will work with 2 kids and the wife and all the stuff. I expect that we'll need to take 2 cars this year with my daughter going.....Perhaps I'll end up towing my car out so we can drive together....I hate the thought of that though.

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I'll have a talk with the Shelby Fest organizer this weekend to see where everything stands. I know he was working on getting the track for Friday night. Right now, Gateway has a test and tune scheduled for that day from 8PM-3AM. That would be a long day. I believe he is trying to see if they would open the track a little early like 3PM for the Shelby's and maybe some area Mustangs to run until like around 7PM so they would have time to prep the track for the test and tune. If anything, we just might have to join in the test and tune as the last resort.

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Eagerly awaiting information so I can make plans :waiting:

Ditto! Lulu can't wait to stretch out on a long run, she's been cooped up to long.


Have some details to work on, my DL has been pulled by my Doctor, and I gotta get that back. Also, looking for a co-pilot. I'm sure any gearhead would enjoy the weekend, just a matter of getting them to commit in these troubled times.


I also have a 24/7 caretker/LPN (not cheap nor easyy to deal with) who listens to my phone conversations, like this morning's with Jim Clark, and spent the day telling me why I can't go, and pretty much that i wont after my next Dr. visit.




Y'all watch for me, I'll get there one way or another


E-mail is SergntMac@aol.com

Voice mail is 312.401.1396


Thanks for keeping up my spirits, thank you all very much.

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I talked with Mac last night. He is having computer troubles and asked that I post a short update.


His doctor released his driver's license this Monday.


He booked his hotel room for Shelbyfest 2009 this Tuesday.


He secured his co-pilot for Shelbyfest 2009 this Wednesday.



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