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houston American Muscle Car Cruise


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Jan 3rd or Jan 10th


Thinking of starting this one up north around Beltway 8 and 45N.


Idea is to have one each time starting from a different area to allow

everyone a close meeting spot periodically. Started one in the south,

then the last one went east, and will start the next one to the west.


Hopefully some of the north guys like Take 2, or BadZ will post up with

cruise options as I am not familiar with those roads.


Like to have the one in the west (probably early/mid March) start in

Katy and potentially make a run to the hill country (Austin) and perhaps

over to Marble Falls. I moved from there recently and know some killer

roads to cruise upon.


I also have been considering starting each of the cruises with a car

show with a small entry to benefit a local charity. From there we can

make our run creating a show/rod run. I like the Texas Childrens

Hospital, and The Crippled Childrens Foundation/Ronald McDonald house as

i have personal experiences with these wonderful folks. Also working on

a t-shirt that will be branded with a diamond design on the front

representing Dodge, Ford, Chevy, and Pontiac with our logo. I have a gal

that will do the design for me and shirts in a variety of colors for

about $20 each. $5 from each shirt will go to the charity as well.


Forgot to mention...send me some jpg images or bring your car to the

cruise as I will be gathering pics of cars for the t-shirt front.


Anyway, please post thoughts....

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